Telos is a highly specialised asset management company, focused on the decommissioning of end-of-life assets, operating within the energy sector. We provide fully funded project solutions, supported by an exclusive supply chain, managed by a team of highly experienced subject matter experts.


Telos is positioned to be a market leading Energy Asset Management company operating within the global energy sector. Continually challenging traditional commercial approaches to end-of-life asset management, the Company presents the most attractive project funding solutions, works meticulously with strategic partners, while implementing the latest technology, to maximise value, sustainability, and predictability for our clients.

Together, with our exclusive supply chain partners, we focus on commercial innovation and technological advancements in the energy sector to support clients who hold significant end-of-life liabilities. We align our corporate, and commercial, agenda to that of our clients, with a focus on restoring the environment, extending the life of waste materials, and reducing commercial, technical, and reputational risk.



“Bringing predictability to the global decommissioning sector, through funded end-to-end project management solution.”

Telos is focused on the decommissioning sector, driving efficiencies, cost savings, and the management of commercial risk.

We provide global energy operators with cost predictability and cost efficiency, allowing them to accurately evaluate their decommissioning liabilities thereby ensuring their annual business budgets sit within expectations.

Telos Asset Management offers energy operators a unique funded solution with predictable terms, enabling our clients the ability to appease annual budgets, while easily meeting commercial payment terms.


Joanna Tracinska, Co-Founder

As a degree qualified graduate, logic is central to all that Joanna undertakes. This process-orientated ethos has proved invaluable throughout her career, whether as a company founder or senior advisor. Joanna has applied her skills across a diverse range of industries and technologies, developing and maintaining highly effective B2B, B2C and e-business relationships, with responsibility for the performance, financial control, and profitability of complex projects in several global locations, including Poland, Spain, Mexico, USA, the UK and the UAE. With strong commercial awareness, project management and team leadership capabilities, her in-depth understanding of organisational structures and complex business processes is combined with a solutions-led focus upon client-customer cooperation, and the belief that the highest value in every organisation lies in its people.


“Sustainable decommissioning of oil and gas assets is crucial for addressing environmental concerns within the energy sector.”

The oil and gas industry accounts for 42% of global emissions, and although the transition to more sustainable forms of energy production has begun, oil and gas will still play a vital role in the global energy mix for many decades.

Emphasis must be placed upon legacy and late life operations and the sustainable decommissioning of both onshore and offshore assets to ensure environmentally friendly solutions are applied within the sector.

There are estimated to be more than 29 million orphaned wells globally, contributing up to 2.5 million tonnes of methane per year. The detrimental impacts of these assets are stark, yet the plugging and sustainable abandonment of these wells could cut emissions by up to 99%.

Telos is perfectly positioned, with a proprietary, funded process, to be able to efficiently address the decommissioning of energy assets in order to ensure that energy operators meet the expectations and regulations set out by local, regional, and national governments and agencies.

At Telos Asset Management, our ESG culture is anchored by integrity and core principles. We openly communicate our corporate intentions to our clients and partners, and align our strategy, the interests of our employees, investors and other partners. Our corporate entrepreneurial spirit embraces innovation in the way we operate, creating value from the top down.


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